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"This has honestly come in handy more than I thought it would. With this unit, I can mount it at the beginning of my day and answer calls as needed looking my best. When I am not using the light for webinars, I use it for task lighting. It is easy to take apart and put into my laptop bag when I travel. Love this thing!"

Grace F.

"This is an excellent purchase if you like to make hands free videos on the go or even at home! It is sturdy & high quality. The clamp is heavy which keeps it from falling over no matter what angle I put it. The lighting is impressive for such a small ring! This is a very well affordable ring light that out does my other, more expensive stationary ring!!! I highly RECOMMEND IT!"

Nancy B.

"I bought this for my husband to use when painting miniatures for tabletop war gaming and he loves it. The light is super bright and easily positionable, so it’s worth the money just for the excellent task light. But it also works well for him to film his projects with his Google Pixel XL phone. It holds the phone securely and sits at a good angle for filming. Very handy. I ended up getting one for myself!"

Sarah L.

"I got this Selfie ring light for my niece because she is building her Beauty business by posting make-up and hair craft videos online. She loves it! She was really surprised that she can adjust the warmth of the light ring too. Great price for this gift too!"

Michael E.

"I bought this for myself (a budding YouTuber) and it was a big hit. It's like having a camera man to get the shot you want while you are hands free. The light is very bright and the light color and brightness controls make it very customizable. Nothing negative to say at all, its been a good experience with a product that worked without fuss."

Shay R.
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